Can I take the ovulation test if I’m on birth control?

Updated 1 year ago by Jennifer Lehr

Some birth control methods, like combined oral contraceptives, work by suppressing ovulation. If you’re using an ovulation-suppressing method of birth control, you should not test your LH to see whether you are close to ovulation as you won’t be ovulating. 

Other birth control methods work to prevent pregnancy in other ways and don’t impact ovulation — examples of this are the copper and hormonal IUDs. If you have an IUD, you can use ovulation tests to learn more about your body and your cycles. Keep in mind, however, that IUDs are extremely effective contraceptives, and you will likely not be able to conceive around ovulation if you currently have an IUD. 

That said, ovulation tests can definitely be a useful tool if you are transitioning off of hormonal birth control and want to relearn your body’s patterns.

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